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Mod commands with higher staff

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Mod commands with higher staff Empty Mod commands with higher staff

Mod commands
.is mod
.bring player
.copy person
Admin commands
All mod commands and
.edit clothing style
.become my mascot. Only use mascot if you lost your mascot clothing.
Because you stay as mascot like sensei so don not take mascot cloth off.
Staff leader
Co owner
All commands of mod and staff leader and admin
Owners have all commands and way more..I am not sharing the ow er commands owners can rank also so stay away from owners unless u have question or they are mascot

The bot will say when cadence is online:
Shake it up with Cadence in the Nit Club

It won't always be the nightclub

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Mod commands with higher staff :: Comments


Post on Thu Jul 21, 2011 11:49 pm  Sensei

Hey make it say when sensei is online make it say "Sensei is Online try and Beat him in battle at the dojo!"

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Post on Fri Jul 22, 2011 9:37 am  Hacked

Cadence - "Shake it up with Cadence at the Night Club!"
Sensei - "Sensei is online...Try to beat him in a battle at the dojo!"
Aunt Arctic - "See the latest news with Aunt Arctic!"
Gary - "Gary is online! Maybe get shocked for trying one of his new gadgets or almost DIE AT THE END OF A MOUTAIN!"
Rockhopper - "Walk the plank with Rockhopper on his ship!"
Rookie - "Become a little penguin or a new agent with Rookie at the Command Room!"
Stompin Bob - "Meet Stompin Bob at the beach inside the lighthouse!"
Franky - "Have a fiddling competition with Franky in the lighthouse!"
Petey K - "Petey K is in the town, maybe join him with his band!"
RSnail - "RSnail is online, don't get banned"
Billybob - "Billybob is online, don't mess with him!"

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