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We just recently updated our website, we added a new system called
"Mascot of the Month" and we need people to vote for the next mascot of the Month! To vote find the topic called "Mascot of the Month (NEW)"
Wich can be found in the catagory "MultiPenguin" at our Homepage!

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Post  Hacked on Wed Jul 06, 2011 2:15 pm

Alright, I have iCP source, and I am working on our commands for mods and players. Donnot worry, I will add a feature here called play, put the register file in, and play files and done. I will need XAMPP and Sothink again. ill get those later. Only people who get selected andd asked get to be mascots. I will appears as Cadence (with username as cadence)
I have michaeldk as Sensei and his username will be Sensei.
This will be out in 2 weeks. Maybe later, but expected in 2 weeks.
catcha later. cadence

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