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CPPS Latest News Update

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CPPS Latest News Update Empty CPPS Latest News Update

Post  Hacked on Mon Aug 01, 2011 6:13 am

Alright, I figured out what I have done wrong for the cpps. I cannot open "load.fla" in Sothink SWF Quicker....I need to open it up and publish it without editing anything in Adobe Flash Pro CS5 (Flash CS5) I already downloaded it. I'm installing it right now currently...
I am gonna play MultiPenguin today if it works...I must fix whatever may make it not play correctly.
So far, I think It will work.
Self-Select Servers for menu so far:
"Dancing with Cadence" server1
"Facing Sensei" server2
"Rockhopper Island" server3
The cpps has half-working games.
Here is a game-list of working games:
DJ3K (Only it freezes if you cheat with WPE PRO or Cheat Engine)
Dance Master (If I play it, I'm Cadence, then Cadence is replaced with a black penguin and there is loud cheering noises when the croud can be empty)
And lastly, Card Jitsu (Works Perfect) <----BTW When Sensei from MultiPenguin gets on Sensei wich is him gets replaced with a black penguin...

CPPS Latest News Update Signat10

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