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We just recently updated our website, we added a new system called
"Mascot of the Month" and we need people to vote for the next mascot of the Month! To vote find the topic called "Mascot of the Month (NEW)"
Wich can be found in the catagory "MultiPenguin" at our Homepage!

Whoever want me as a mascot, come here and comment!

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Whoever want me as a mascot, come here and comment!

Post  Aunt Arctic on Wed Jul 27, 2011 7:43 pm

Hello, my name is Aunt Arctic! I am a "support" ranker! Wich means whoever asks a question

to our support e-mail system, I may check it and answer it! I'm not the only person who does

that though. I am also the new editor. If you adopt me as your mascot, my password

will be sent STRAIGHT to you from Cadence, and you have to post news about

maybe the new looks about MultiPenguin or whatever, your choice about what

to post our community news about!

Aunt Arctic

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