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We just recently updated our website, we added a new system called
"Mascot of the Month" and we need people to vote for the next mascot of the Month! To vote find the topic called "Mascot of the Month (NEW)"
Wich can be found in the catagory "MultiPenguin" at our Homepage!

These our are rules you MUST obey or be removed forever 1. Don not delete people in your group if you have a group. 2.Don not at every end of a message or topic, put a signature. Signatures have been disallowed. 3.Don not message me about ranks unless you are buying ranks or got a high rank. 4. Respect all users. Respect moderators and high ranks as well. 5. Don not swear. Even if you are old enough nor not, don't try it. There are still young people here. 6. Don not use usernames similar to taken or disallowed mascot names.